• Build Awesome Teams With Faster Screening and Interviewing.
  • Build Awesome Teams With Faster Screening and Interviewing.
  • Build Awesome Teams With Faster Screening and Interviewing.
  • Build Awesome Teams With Faster Screening and Interviewing.
  • Build Awesome Teams With Faster Screening and Interviewing.
  • Build Awesome Teams With Faster Screening and Interviewing.

Build Awesome Teams With Faster Screening and Interviewing.

COGBEE is an AI driven virtual screening and interviewing platform that provides one of the most comprehensive competence assessment solutions available in the market.

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Switch from Hit-or-Miss Hiring to Smart Hiring

Our suite of intelligent and automated remote assessment and hiring products help you evolve from unreliable
processes and guesswork to AI driven Smart and Fast Hiring.

Skill Based Assessments

Eliminate biases and gut feelings with our skill based assessment tests that are designed by domain experts and focus more on testing experiential knowledge rather than just theoretical. With 1000+ in-demand IT skills in our library, our assessment solution is a perfect fit for the IT industry.

Coding Assessments

Coding challenges are an integral part of the screening process for most IT companies. COGBEE has one of the most advanced coding assessment solutions with support for both standalone, offline coding assessments as well as coding assessments integrated with Live Interviews.

On-Demand Video Screening

A modern alternative to the traditional phone screening, our On-Demand Video Screening solution is not only far more convenient for both interviewer and interviewee, but also far more accurate at evaluating body language cues which can get completely missed in the phone screening process.

Live Interviews

With the best-in-class live audio-video streaming, live chat, live coding assessment features, COGBEE provides a live interview experience that is as close to in-person interviews as one can get, thus helping you save time and money by avoiding unnecessary travel inherent in the traditional interviewing process.

Designed to Adapt. Optimized to Perform.

With a highly customizable workflow and built-in enterprise readiness,
COGBEE not only adapts to your organization’s recruitment process, but also improves it.

Advanced Remote Proctoring

COGBEE comes fully integrated with a remote proctoring engine that detects any cheating attempt or suspicious activity during any of the assessments.

Adaptable Hiring Workflow

You can easily adapt COGBEE to your hiring process with easy integration via our API, whether you are using an ATS or your own hiring platform.

Role Based User Access
COGBEE’s enterprise readiness includes the ability to assign role and team based user access, ensuring team-wise hiring performance tracking.
Fully Branded Interface
From custom logo and color scheme to branded templates for all emails and notifications, COGBEE has everything to help you make our platform your own.
Powerful Reporting & Analytics

From customizable reports to insights for better decision making, we provide analytics that’s both intuitive and simple to help you hire better and faster.

Proactive Customer Support
Our customer success team will ensure that you transition from traditional hiring to COGBEE driven Smart Hiring is as seamless as possible.

Gift Your Team The Power of Smart Hiring

Are You Ready For The New Normal?

As the entire world struggles to cope with COVID19 induced new social norms, contact-less hiring
will soon be the new norm. COGBEE will help you be future ready.
Agile Hiring for Uncertain Times

Agile Hiring for Uncertain Times

Agility will be the single biggest determining factor for hiring teams to tide over these uncertain times. We help you become agile by reducing human dependency.

Zero Contact Hiring Process

Zero Contact Hiring Process

With a fully online screening & interviewing process, you can achieve a truly contact-less hiring process without compromising on the quality of hires at any step.

AI Driven Process & Proctoring

AI Driven Process & Proctoring

With COGBEE’ AI driven proctoring of all assessments & interviews and data analysis, you are fully prepared to create a future ready Smart Hiring process.

Experience A Smarter And Faster Way To Hire

With Our All-in-one On-Demand & Live Video Interviewing Solution

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