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360 Degree Virtual Interviewing

COGBEE is a comprehensive virtual interviewing platform, featuring the two most important pillars of the recruitment process - screening and interviewing. COGBEE is designed in such a way that it adapts to any organization’s recruitment process with its highly customizable assessment workflow. our mission is to help recruiting teams hire better and faster by reducing human intervention from the recruiting process as much as possible without compromising on the quality of hires.

4 Building Blocks

COGBEE as a virtual screening and interviewing solution is made up of 4 building blocks - Skill Based Assessments, Coding Assessments, On Demand Interviews and Live Interviews. Along with these, COGBEE also boasts of a remote proctoring engine that is all pervasive and ensures the veracity of the assessments at every step of the screening and hiring process - be it online assessments or on-demand interviews or live interviews. And along with role based user management, it is fully enterprise ready.

Corporate Overview

A Pedigree That Inspires Trust

COGBEE is the latest product offering from the corporate house that is a leader in the hiring and recruitment industry with a leading ATS product (Caypro) and global background check company (cFIRST) with fortune 500 companies as its clients. As a corporate group we have extensive experience of working with corporate and agency recruiters for well over a decade. We bring in strong & unmatched recruitment domain expertise, achieved by working with tens of thousands of recruiters.

Through our technology products and solutions, we add significant value to organizations to acquire the best manpower which will define their future success. Keeping in line with this vision of ours, we have launched COGBEE, which is one of the most comprehensive online assessment and video interviewing solutions in the market with special focus on the unique needs of recruiters in the IT industry. While Talentnow helps with applicant tracking and cFIRST take care of character assessment, COGBEE is committed to take care of competence assessment of candidates.

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