Live Video Interviews For Future Ready Teams

Conduct remote interviews hassle-free with our AI enabled Live Video Interviewing platform.
Talent sourcing will no more be restricted to geographical boundaries.

Conduct Both 1:1 Interviews As Well As Panel Interviews

With COGBEE you can conduct both one-to-one video interviews as well as one-to-many panel interviews where multiple interviewers can interview the same candidate from their own locations. It’s more than any video conferencing interface with features tailor-made for conducting interviews and not just a meeting.

As Real As In-Person Interviews

Along with high quality audio-video streaming, COGBEE boasts of features like live chat, interactive coding deck for live coding assignments, which make the interview experience as real as in-person interviews. Just like in-person interviews you can have both verbal and written communication with interviewees.

Automated Video Recording and Sharing

All interview participants' video streams and the candidate's chat and coding screens are automatically recorded and presented to the interviewer as a single composite video stream. This comprehensive data enables interviewers to make the right hiring decision - quickly & consistently. These recorded sessions also help evaluators review a candidate’s interview performance at a later date and hence make more accurate hiring decisions than in-person interviews.

Easy and Private Communication Amongst Pannel Members

COGBEE allows live interview panelists to communicate easily amongst themselves without any of it being visible to the interviewee. Interview panelists can privately chat amongst themselves. They can also take notes on the candidate while the interview is going on. These notes will be available later on, in the candidate's evaluation page. Interviewers can also rate candidates within the interview screen itself, without waiting for the interview to be completed. They can also rate the candidates offline on the evaluation page.

Experience A Smarter And Faster Way To Hire

With Our Comprehensive Live Video Interviewing Platform

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