Enterprise Ready Skill Assessments

Screen candidates scientifically based on assessments designed by domain experts with decade plus experience.
Make your screening decisions free of cognitive biases and gut instincts.

Extensive Skill Library To Generate Instant Tests

Generate tests in just a few clicks without our library of 100 plus (and increasing) in-demand skills consisting of thousands of assessment questions. And if the skill you are hiring for is not there in the library, COGBEE allows you to create your own library of skills and questionnaire.

Questions With Various Skill Levels

COGBEE has assessments suitable for various skill levels, based on the candidate’s experience and the demands of the specific role. The focus is more on experiential, hands-on knowledge rather than theoretical. Questions in our assessments are created by industry experts who know what it takes to succeed in a specific job role.

Customizable Test Setting as Per Screening Requirement

COGBEE is designed in such a way that it can adapt any organization's candidate assessment requirements with its customizable test generation process. COGBEE helps you to customize tests based on your specific skill level requirement, number of questions, test duration, etc. Use questions from our Skill Library or frame your own questions, you have complete freedom to mould your assessment tests as per your hiring needs.

Send Tests To Candidates in Bulk

COGBEE offers the facility of sending tests to candidates in bulk, thereby saving effort and precious hiring hours. This is especially helpful for enterprise hiring teams where assessments need to be sent to hundreds of candidates for each role. This also allows you to reduce the time to hire for each open position, thereby improving your team hiring metrics.

Intelligent and Automated Coding Assessments

Accurate Coding Assessments for identifying the best IT talent available in the industry.
Assessing coding skills remotely has never been easier.

Supports Most Popular Programming Languages

COGBEE coding assessment module is tailor made for the requirements of the IT industry. It supports more than 10 of the most popular programming languages, from Java to C++, from PhP to Python. No matter what your engineering requirements, our CodingDeck will help you identify the right talent.

Conduct Coding Assessments Offline or During Live Interviews

Coding skill test is an integral part of IT hiring and cannot be relegated as a standalone process. COGBEE understands this and gives you the flexibility to conduct both offline coding challenges as well as coding skill tests during live interviews. So while you are taking a live interview you can also test the spontaneous coding skills of the candidate.

Automatic Functional Validation of Code

With COGBEE you have the flexibility to create your own coding test cases so that when the candidates take your coding assessment COGBEE automatically does the functional validation of the code on your behalf saving precious coding reviews hours and speeding up the assessment process.

On-Demand Video Screening

Zero In on the right talent with Automated Video Screening Tool designed to cut down cumbersome
screening processes and expedite recruitment.

Use COGBEE Library or Your Own Question Bank

To source video recorded responses from candidates you can either use the questions from COGBEE library and quickly create a questionnaire or use your own question bank. COGBEE is our partner ATS product and has a huge library of candidate screening questionnaires.

Effortless Creation and Sharing of Video Questionnaire

COGBEE allows for effortless creation and sharing of video questionnaires. Just select the questions you want to include in the questionnaire and share the link with the candidates. When this link is opened by the candidate, every question will be displayed sequentially & candidate's responses will be recorded by the system. Once, all the responses are recorded, the evaluator will be intimated along with the link to the video responses.

Engage Candidates with A Seamless, Automated Experience

COGBEE on-demand video screening gives candidates the flexibility to take interviewer’s questions at their most convenient time. At the same time it gives evaluators a chance to evaluate a candidate's body language also along with verbal responses. And all of this happens seamlessly through an automated process that ensures you get the desired results with minimum time and effort.

AI Enabled Remote Proctoring

Maintain the integrity of all assessments with our powerful remote proctoring engine
that prevents any cheating or suspicious activities by the candidates.

Remote Proctoring for Skill, Coding as well as Video Assessments

COGBEE's remote proctoring engine is highly configurable, which gives recruiters a choice to enable/disable particular features depending on their assessment and interviewing requirement. You can use it to disable functions like Right Click, Copy, Paste, Print Screen. You can also prevent candidates from viewing page source using "Inspect Element". The proctoring engine also detects any change in focus from the COGBEE assessment page, in case the candidate tries to move away from the test page. Our proctoring engine also automatically takes random photos of the candidate using the device camera at specific intervals. It can also detect multiple faces during the interview process.

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